Meet Your Filmmaking Co-Conspirator | 2/06/13

I share my experiences as a screenwriter and a director and how this column will offer tools to help get you started directing your own work.

Grab Life by the Here and Nows | 3/06/13

Lessons I'm learning as a filmmaker on embracing my career today and appreciating each step along the path to professional success.

Facing Down the Repeat | 5/01/13

A career isn't made after one script or one film but by getting to the end of a project and jumping right back in again on the next.

Film Festivals and the Short Film Part 2 | 7/03/13

Part 2 covers preparing for and attending a film festival.

Four Lessons Film Editing Taught Me About Screenwriting | 10/02/13

After writing and directing two short films I look back at the lessons learned from film editing that I can apply to my next scripts.

Script Development for the Beginner Writer-Director | 01/01/14

If you settle for a weak script every step afterward is built upon a poor foundation – script development tips for first-time directors.

Working with a Casting Director [Interview] | 03/05/14

Interview with Casting Director Brette Goldstein on attracting talent to your project.

Marketing Your Short Film Part 1 | 05/28/14

Covers planning and executing your marketing plan during pre-production and production.

Chris Sparling on How Directing Made Him a Better Screenwriter [Interview] | 08/06/14

Interview with Chris Sparling (writer of BURIED and ATM) on the path to his first screenplay sale.

Mining Film Directing Lessons from Your Work | 07/01/15

I share my process for analyzing my own work and extracting all of the directing lessons I can from each film I make.

Dare to Make a Scene | 2/20/13

Takes you through the steps of shooting a scene by laying out a great project for first-time directors.

Get Set | 4/03/13

Tips for landing your first on set job.

Film Festivals and the Short Film Part 1 | 6/05/13

Part 1 covers selecting an online release vs a festival release and how to select the best festivals for your film.

Working with Line Producers [Interview] | 8/28/13

An interview with Line Producers - what they do and how they can help your production.

Hosting a Table Read for Your Script | 11/06/13

Tips for using a table read to improve your screenplay and ready it for production.

Selecting Your First Project to Direct | 02/05/14

You write and now you want to direct. Tips for selecting your first project as a director.

Lookbooks for Films and Scripts | 05/07/14

Adapt a director’s tool — the lookbook — into a writer’s lookbook.

Marketing Your Short Film Part 2 | 07/02/14

Part 2 covers executing your marketing plan during post-production and beyond.

Time to Make a Film! | 10/01/14

Tips for getting into fighting shape before diving into the filmmaking trenches. Plus, I announce my new film!

Write a Compelling Short Film Script | 08/12/15

Tips for writing a great short film script by focusing on what's unique about this form.