Resurrected cover.jpg

The Resurrected

Original TV pilot written by Kim Garland
1-hour drama | Horror / Supernatural Thriller

Series Premise: When a dead body comes back to life in a Manhattan funeral home, the funeral director, Lexi Rivera, is driven to uncover the source of this phenomenon. She is drawn into an underground world of resurrection where a villainous group hunts her to keep their centuries-old secret under wraps.

Lexi is a talented post-mortem reconstructive artist and her skills lead her to become the Doctor of the Undead, caring for their decaying bodies and emotional traumas.

As her commitment to the Resurrected grows, she must work with her allies to uncover the source of this curse and bring down The Ascendancy, the nefarious group controlling it all.

* Pilot script and series proposal available upon Industry request.

Westworld cover.jpg

Westworld (HBO)

SPEC script “La Folie Circulaire” ep. 211 written by Kim Garland
1-hour drama | Science Fiction / Western

Spec Script Logline: When as a teenager, Emily, the Man in Black’s daughter, is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she comes to believe her father must share this same condition. She ventures to Westworld to bring him home, but ultimately finds her father is not a man who can be saved.

* Spec script available upon Industry request.




Feature script written by Kim Garland
Horror / Supernatural Thriller

Logline: A paranormal investigator battles a vengeful ghost after it hijacks her body and strands her spirit in the realm of the dead.